Our Process

Our objective is to bring beauty, authenticity and individuality back to fashion. To steer away from the current world of fast fashion & mass market drenching. To offer you pieces that will last a lifetime whilst sustainably sourced and ethically & locally handmade. 



Every Sabine piece is designed and made in Melbourne, Australia. With each garment created for your body, ensuring extreme comfort and maximum style. Sabine is multi purpose dressing; meaning you can wear it from sleep to street, beach to bar and anything in between. We have chosen to nurture each garment ensuring it's easy care machine washable, so you get the most out of your purchase.

From garment design, initial samples are made. Once we're happy with the sample, we make the patterns ready for production. We commit to small production runs ensuring that there is no wastage or products left over. We know the Sabine consumer is unique, therefore we offer luxury, limited pieces that will last forever. Every step of this process is completed in Melbourne, Australia. 



We do not make new fabric. We purchase fabrics that have previously been created. Thus ensuring that we're not responsible for adding to the pollutants caused with fabric manufacturing, nor adding to landfill. We use local fabric agents to source the best quality material for us to choose from. We only purchase from GEDS approved factories- General Environmental Duty (GED). These approved providers are responsible for protecting the environment and human health. We buy organic where possible but ensure that none of our fabrics have been treated with harsh chemicals or dyes. 

*We do create fashion details (like our branded elastic) however we do this in small runs to avoid wastage and only produce in GED Approved factories



Every stage of our packaging & shipping is environmentally considered, with our goal to reduce our carbon footprint.
Orders will be shipped in a Unicorn Pack compostable mailer. This is made from cornstarch and will decompose in a few weeks. With every mailer sold, Unicorn Pack plants a tree https://unicornpack.com/. Each garment is wrapped in biodegradable tissue paper and placed in a beautiful box. We have deliberately not branded the box so you can reuse, re-gift or keep it as a storage box for yourself.


If you think we can improve our processes or have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are constantly evolving and always open to bettering ourselves and our planet.